Mandilyn Buker

Mandilyn Buker is a full-time receptionist who has worked for Pitts Veterinary Hospital since October 28, 2003. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Doane College in May of 2009.

Mandilyn has two dogs: Abel, a Husky, and Nikita, a Doberman. She also has two cats: Tricker and Tubby.

In her free time, Mandilyn enjoys playing with her dogs, reading, and spending time with family.

Shauna Whitehill

Shauna Whitehill has been employed at Pitts Veterinary Hospital as a full-time receptionist since January, 2017. She likes the idea that the staff is dedicated to giving the best care possible to patients.

Shauna has two pets: a betta fish named Logi and Gilbert, a guinea pig.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading and yoga.

Laura Mischnick

Laura Mischnick is a part-time receptionist and kennel assistant who has worked for Pitts Veterinary Hospital since June of 2008. She graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in 2009. She thinks Pitts Hospital is an amazing place to work because our doctors are so knowledgeable and personable, and everyone works as a team here. She also notes that our clients are the best and they are the reason we are here!

Laura has a dog – a Brittany Spaniel named Dudley.

In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, scuba diving, traveling, watching hockey, and reading.

Amanda Nichols

Amanda Nichols has been employed at Pitts Veterinary Hospital since February, 2010. She is a full-time support staff member and had about 10 months experience at a veterinary clinic before coming to Pitts. She likes working with other Pitts’ staff because they are very friendly and she feels everyone goes out of their way for the animals. She and her parents had a good experience previously at the Hospital when two of their dogs needed to be put to sleep. They were impressed with how that was handled and the sympathy they received, including a follow-up card in the mail.

Amanda has two cats: Kitty, a tabby shorthair, and Jackson, a poly-dactyl gray and white longhair. She also has one dog, a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix named Deano.

In her spare time, Amanda likes to go to any local dog events with her buddy Deano. When she isn’t working at her 2nd job, she’s playing with her animals and fixing up her house.

Shelby Heiser

Shelby Heiser has been employed at Pitts Veterinary Hospital since August 2016. She works part-time with the kennel staff and is training to perform front desk duties. Shelby is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska studying animal science and pre-veterinary medicine. In the past, she has volunteered at an animal shelter, and she enjoys interacting with the animals at Pitts Veterinary Hospital. She appreciates working with such friendly and helpful staff, and says it nice to hear clients say how much they enjoy coming to Pitts.

Shelby has one pet, a white West Highland Terrier named Elvis.

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith has been employed at Pitts Veterinary Hospital as a part-time Kennel Assistant since January, 2017. She is a pre-veterinary medicine and veterinary science student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She hopes to continue to Iowa State for Veterinary School.

Samantha grew up with a Labrador/Rottweiler named Taz.

In her free time, Samantha likes to run and watch Husker sports.

Jenna Brisco

Jenna Brisco is a part-time receptionist and kennel assistant at Pitts Veterinary Hospital as of April 2017. She appreciates the “hands on” look into the veterinary field. She is pursuing an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology with the long-term goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Jenna has four pets: a Chihuahua mix named Cocoa, a Black Lab/Blue Heeler mix called “Jax,” plus “Cleopatra, a Ball Python, and “Phineus,” her beta fish.

In addition to school, Jenna also works at a coffee shop. In her spare time, Jenna is involved in theatre, music, and art. She also enjoys reading and taking her dogs to the dog park.

Debbie Schroder

Debbie Schroder has been employed at Pitts Veterinary Hospital as a part-time Receptionist and Kennel Assistant since April, 2018. She has 15 years of experience working in animal-related fields and was excited to get started here at Pitts. At the front desk, she quickly discovered the special bond between pets and their owners with each and every appointment. She also witnessed how employees and doctors work as a team to ensure the well-being of all patients in their care, resulting in positive experiences with all visits to the hospital.

Debbie’s personal pets include three domestic shorthair cats: Pumpkin, Turbo, and Mystic. She also has a Cattle-Dog mix named Cinder.

Debbie is married with two children and two grandchildren. Hobbies in her free time include horseback riding, gardening, crocheting, and playing with her fur babies and grandchildren.

Yecenia Urrutia

Yecenia Urrutia has been employed at Pitts Veterinary Hospital as a part-time Receptionist and Kennel Assistant since April, 2018. She is studying for her Associate of Science and Associate of Nursing degrees. She likes being surrounded by animals and enjoys the friendly faces here at Pitts. She also sees the hospital as a fun environment.

She has one pet: a one-year old silver haired Labrador Retriever named Otis.

Yeci is a huge baseball fan and she travels to stadiums when on vacation. Another hobby is photography.